I’m Nicola and I’m many things, mother & grandmother… spiritual guide, holistic healer, macrobiotic vegan mentor, light language channel, lover of life and I guide & support open-hearted sensitive souls.

I grew up on the Sussex coast in the U.K., I was a sensitive child, feeling things so deeply and often struggling with a sense of belonging in this world.

I discovered in my twenties that I was Psychic and a Medium… I was receiving messages from people that had passed away, I was channeling for clients during healing sessions… The holistic and natural world was beckoning and everything in my world was beginning to make sense…

I began my career as a Holistic Therapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Healer and Massage Therapist … I was so drawn to all the holistic world had to offer and these were ‘my’ people, they were sensitive, gentle, they felt good to be around and spoke my language! I was a sponge and wanted to know more…

My spirit guides were never far away and as soon as I allowed myself to be quiet my guides would begin channeling… I was told very clearly to pick up a pen and write.. I was an artist, a creative not a writer, but when I was in that quiet place the information would just flow so fast, I quickly filled books of written guidance. These were wise words for my own guidance, for my clients, words that I often didn’t even understand!

Life was fast paced, I loved my work, but I was sick myself, always tired and in constant pain, my joints ached, I had suffered with allergies most of my life and working as a healer I often felt drained of energy.

Nicola McCarthy Psychic Medium background

It was at a spiritual workshop in 2001 that I met my husband David. I believe we were destined to meet. We were to be together, learn together and share our healing with others.

We didn’t waste any time and were soon together and expecting our daughter. Life was bitter sweet, so much change and adjusting, and my body was tired of it all… I had so much pain, my allergies were out of control and I was despairing.

A few days after our daughter was born in September 2002, I almost died… I woke to swelling in my mouth and within just minutes I was choking… I still don’t know why this happened but it was the moment that changed my life…

David always searching for answers randomly read a book on macrobiotics whilst on our honeymoon in Crete! Such a romantic…. Macrobiotics is a philosophy for living and aligning with nature, I knew this is what would transform my health… and this is when my own healing journey began.

We threw ourselves into study, spending much of our time in the Netherlands. I regained my health and my confidence, lost weight, looked younger and felt fabulous.

We have spent the last twenty years sharing what we have learned and it’s been a busy time!

We’ve run two Macrobiotic Vegan Whole Food Shops, a sugar free vegan cafe and went on to run a Macrobiotic School in the U.K. and taught this life changing philosophy and way of life all around the world for the last 15 years.

In recent times I have been called back to my healing and spiritual roots, I follow my macrobiotic practice daily and am here for anyone who wishes to learn, but my healing & spiritual path has been calling…

I work closely with my spirit team and help others spiritually evolve. I guess I’m like ‘the guide on the side’ revealing and releasing layers so you can heal the natural way.

I’m passionate about my work, I was put here to ENLIGHTEN others, to help you heal your body, mind and spirit. By clearing your past, you can rise above the darkness and SHINE YOUR LIGHT INTO THE WORLD and I would love nothing more than to help you uncover your true potential….

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