My experience working with Nicola…



My session with Nicola was amazing… I was completely blown away. Nicola connected with someone from my past, they showed her objects that were linked to me that she had no way of knowing. The craziest thing then happened… she stroked the right side of her face and a drooping lip appeared, I totally freaked out as that person had suffered a severe stroke, this was so crazy, but heart melting at the same time. I really recommend Nicola for a reading.


After being introduced to Nicola on the island of Ibiza it was clear we shared many positives for life. When I was looking for some insights into my business and personal life I knew I was in a safe place.

I quickly felt the benefits from hearing some very useful insights which gave me that extra confidence to make various decisions. Nicola delivered some incredible personal connections, the whole experience left me with a very connected feeling and gave me that extra bounce in my step… Huge thanks for such a positive life experience

Larry Davids

I would highly recommend Nicola for guidance, a reading as she leaves no stone unturned…..


Nicola reads with great patience and curiosity, even across oceans to Australia! Our session took place by Skype and I was astounded at what was coming through, regardless of my not being in the same room. I was grateful for Nicola’s openness and gentle humour whilst conveying the information that was coming to her and felt very supported.


Nicola’s reading was very insightful and accurate. After only a few minutes I felt she really ‘got’ what was going on in my life, which I found very comforting. I have been going through a difficult time, which I haven’t spoken to anyone about and Nicola picked up on this. I’ve been struggling with my health and Nicola knew what was wrong and gave me suggestions on how to improve this. Someone I knew who tragically passed away many years ago came through with information only he and I knew about. It was impossible for Nicola to have just ‘guessed’ it. I came away from the reading feeling really hopeful and positive. Nicola is very good!


I could tell instantly how genuine Nicola is and she really is amazing at what she does. I’ve always been hesitant about having a reading, but when I found out about Nicola’s background and lifestyle, it felt like the right person for me to have my first reading with. Nicola made me feel comfortable the whole time and explained the process so I felt at ease instantly. The reading was precise and made total sense and I would definitely recommend Nicola to anyone wanting to try this out for the first time.